Tuesday, February 21, 2012



If I could do nothing

with my days,

I would be content

to sit idly by;

bask in the nothingness,

never complain

or wish for more.


I would be simple,

drink sweet tea;

eat almond cookies,

Watch my cat

linger in the sun;


to be like him.


If I could do nothing

I would savor

the warmest breeze,

walk amongst

lilies of the valley;

and just revel

in their intoxication.


I would flee

like an eagle,

never worry

or come undone;

my days would

be carefree,

my nights starry.


Birds would be

my serenade,

I would listen

instead of talk;

I would see

with closed eyes,

and deeply feel

with all my senses.


If I could do nothing

with my days,

I would make

every moment count;

express my gratitude

to everyone I love,

never taking for granted

my fleeting freedom. 



Thursday, February 16, 2012


I found a local yoga journal and they take poetry submissions. I think this poem would be appropriate to send to them, it seems to speak yoga. Namaste to all on this beautiful Thursday and remember to treat your body and mind as temples.

                     OUT OF BODY
Within the twilight of  my sleep,
We mirror each others likeness.
We are expansive, one
With the eagle, flying high;
Free falling through space
Amidst the clouds connected to
The sky that is our blue vista.
Diving through the unbiased air,
We hover above the summit,
No gravity yet drawn upward.
Half awake amid delusions and dreams,
The breeze brings me down to earth;
Reminding me I am caught between
My own philosophical heaven,
And reality to which I must return.
© Rose Bruno Bailey