Saturday, December 31, 2011


The new year is almost upon us. It is a time to reflect and look towards the possibilities of a brand new year. Time to soar, to fly like an eagle; untamed and free.

Don't let anyone trap you to acidic acquiescence


Birdsong echoing sorrow,

Imprisoned in a cement asylum.

Desperate to finally flee,

Mortality ensnared in mortar.

Destined to forever

Haunt the concrete tomb

That binds his desolate destiny.

Losing a frantic fight to escape,

Entrapment of the once free;

Reduced to steerage of the sky.

Wretched spirit loses his will,

To soar high in an aqua horizon;

Surrenders clipped wings

To the fate of acidic acquiescence.

(c) Rose Bruno Bailey

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Holiday Season

Reflecting on the holiday season and all of our blessings, I decided to post a poem appropriate for the Christmas Season.

I have started a new blog, it will be a blog I post more often on because it will be my quest to document the changes I wish to make in the brand new year. I will still post writing, poetry and recipes here from time to time as well. I am not abandoning this blog just finding my footing with both blogs as I embark on my journey to be my best in 2012, in all ways possible.

Happy Holidays to all, and a very Happy New Year.
Love, Rose