Tuesday, August 21, 2012


As a poet, I really enjoyed doing readings at open mic's in NYC, and I was also featured on a local cable show. Since moving to CA I have not done any readings.  I have decided  not to  use the independent press in NYC that wished to publish my collection, so now it is time now to dive back into the poetry scene. I have found some great venues, and the only thing holding me back is a bit of fear. I will probably attend one by myself if I cannot get anyone here to go with me.

That part has been very disheartening to me, in NYC I have many friends who would drop everything and support me in my artistic endeavors. Here, even though my friends are lovely, they are busy and getting someone to go with me on  Sunday afternoon is like asking someone to give up their right arm. You see, Sundays are now football again, a passion I understand my friends do not wish to give up for my silly poetry readings. Even my husband who supports all my poetry will not give up football for an open mic.  So I will be attending solo, with no one to take photos and cheer me on. Cue violin music.

Ok, so my self pity is at an all time high, and I am romanticizing about my life back on the east coast. Time to act like a big girl, dust off the negativity, and just go it alone. I can do this, even if it is a lonely and frightening concept. I must do this for my artistic sanity has been hanging in the balance. The next open mic I plan to attend is on the third Sunday in September. It is at a very well renowned venue called Beyond Baroque. A lot of the CA who's who of the poetry and literary world got their start here.

The poems are printed up and I plan to practice reading them before I go.  I have been inspired by my friend and fabulous poet in Dover DE to always to something that frightens you. Even if you have to go it alone!! Namaste' Love, and light to all.
       If my beloved Rascal could go I know he would, lol.