Friday, January 6, 2012

Natural Therapy and the New Year

It is the first week of the new year and I have started a second blog.
It is my New year's resolution blog where I will be documenting all of my resolutions and transformations in 2012.

We are always evolving and reinventing ourselves. Whether physically, emotionally or spiritually, we are constantly seeking new beginnings and second chances. Trees shed their leaves yet flourish again once the spring returns. I believe we all get a chance to begin anew, like the towering tree holding court over the ocean.


The azure sky above tints my reality

with a little glow of heaven,  

An existence formally tainted;

within the eclipse of my soul.

Depleted unfulfilled and lost

within a colorless endless Monday;

searching for a free haven,

a place where weariness

drifts away in the haze;

illuminating the shadows.

Clouds take on a new shape,

artistry and the allure of the earth,

nature and spirit are entwined in bliss.

Fluttering in the mist of the rain,

water blesses me to begin anew;

I become the willow in the wisp,

communing with the celestial one.

Climb trees, reach high, embrace;

mother earth and all she stands for.

The scent of damp cedar,

captures my senses and I am aware;

there is more to myself than me.

Honeysuckle tickles, provokes, lingers;

teases my greedy nostrils

with the promise of the coming dawn,

and all the abandon that she offers.

The endless monotony of Mondays,

are replaced with the beauty of a blue beyond.

Slow down, breathe, take time,

be serene, own your peace.

The wonder of a midsummer delight

replaces the constant inner struggle,

when an individual steps outside

their vanity, their Jones' mentality.

Looks at their former world

from a different vantage point.

Grasps what is truly valuable,

We are all one with the earth

and the earth is one with us.

           (c) Rose Bruno Bailey

 When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.

- Lao Tzu 



Sunday, January 1, 2012


A brand new year is upon us, and I am making a delicious vegetarian lasagna to celebrate the beauty of the day. My family tradition is to serve sauerkraut and pork roast, but since I choose to be meat-free I am making up some new traditions of my own. My vegetarian faux meat sauce I am cooking now looks amazing. I use a good red wine and  lots of tomatoes, onions and garlic to flavor the ground soy. The lasagna is going to be delicious, what an awesome twist  on a New Year's tradition

My husband and I and our two cats are enjoying a quiet holiday, well not so quiet since it is also football Sunday. What are some of your traditions? Have you chosen to reinvent traditions to make them your very own?

A friend of mine lost her beloved cat Gypsy today. I am a self admitted animal lover, and my cats are my family. My heart mourns for her and her family as they grieve their beloved feline family member. Our pets are never forgotten, years go by and we still miss them terribly.

I wrote this poem about my cat Dewey, thirteen years after I lost him. He was my best friend from 13-29. My family had many beloved pets over the years, all since passed away. We now have two beloved cats of our own, Stormy and Rascal; they are our newest loves. The heart always has room for more love, yet never forgets those gone from this world.

I dedicate this poem to my friends Susan, Melissa, Kristen, Jessica, and Donna and of course to beautiful Gypsy.


Midnight warmth,

memory of my childhood;

long gone from my world.

yet never forgotten.

Always near to me,

shadow of my steps;

your roaring signature,

healed my myopic soul.

Your presence was sheer heaven,

during undesirable days of hell;

frightened at what was to be,

you were my diminutive anchor.

Now all that remains,

is a collection of old photographs;

my reminiscence of your very existence,

to remind my mind to never forget.

Midnight warmth,

seems like a dream to me;

memory of my childhood,

memoir of my heart.

(c) Rose Bruno Bailey

Happy New Year. Love, light, blessings and abundance in 2012 for all.
Prayers for those going through loss and hardships, may you find strength in those you love.