Sunday, October 23, 2011


It is a sunlit October day in luminous Los Angeles, and we get a hint of a brisk breeze to remind us it is actually autumn. Football is a staple in our household, and the Pittsburgh Steelers are my husbands beloved team. His mood usually depends on whether or not they win or lose, reminding me of native Pittsburghers. This makes me a little nostalgic because we actually resided in his esteemed city for six years in the beginning of our lives together.

We have lived in many cities and states together, the very first was Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. It was a dream to James when we moved there because he had been a die-hard Steelers fan since childhood, following in the footsteps of his grandfather who had lived in Pittsburgh in his golden years with his grandmother. His grandparents moved there with their two daughters in the fifties and fell in love with the steel city and never left. His Mother and Aunt married and eventually moved far away, but the grandparents remained until the end of their days, and ended up being buried at one of the most beautiful cemeteries in town. So living in the "Burgh" was special to James because he was revisiting his roots and at the same time residing in the backyard of the team he had worshiped from afar his whole life. Plus, he had the opportunity to attend Point Park University, a school which would end up opening doors to a brand new existence for both of us.

For me Pittsburgh was my first move away from Cleveland Ohio, my hometown, and the location gave me ample opportunity to visit my family when I was homesick since the two cities were just a mere two hours from eachother.We planned our wedding and we were wed, and had many a happy moments with new friends. Those friends ended up being lifelong and lifechanging.

After graduation we moved to Bristol Connecticut when he was hired by ESPN. The move was swift, we had weeks to pack our belongings and say goodbye to the home we shared for six years. So we loaded the U-haul truck and the two of us with our Stormy cat made our way east to our new home. In the years following we moved to NYC and we now reside in Los Angeles California with our two beloved cats; making more positive changes and long term friends along the way, it is amazing how moving alters your life.

When we were still living in NYC I remember my first visit back to Pittsburgh, it had been years since I had revisited my former stomping ground. I took the Amtrak train from  New York's Penn Station to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, traveling the length of the state of Pennsylvania. As the train made its way through the  emerald countryside I marveled at the beauty I had almost forgotten. This in turn inspired me to write a poem dedicated to the wonderous state I had once called home. We live amongst loveliness in this beguilling country. Every state is unique and beautiful in their own right, we just have to remember to appreciate the view outside our own backdoors,wherever that may be. Love, light, and beauty to all on this radiant Sunday afternoon.

Rolling hills of yesteryear
bring forth the past;
forgotten days gone by.
Emerald trees stacked one upon another,
skyscraping limbs reaching into a vast sky;
hoping to capture a sunlit kiss,
from the saffron wonder above.
Shades of moss and marigold,
mountains, memories and reflections;
vie for my complete attention.
Crescenting rivers dive
over wayward sticks and stones.
Time, nor distance
or a New York minute
could never undo
the crescendo of calmness
found within
Pennsylvanian reverie.
(c) Rose Bruno Bailey


  1. Beautifully written and described! :)

  2. Thank you very much, if only I was on a train today.

  3. Devine ^_^ Made a cup of java and watching football as I read your peaceful poem. Stay blessed

  4. Thanks, I hope your team won!! Love and light.

  5. I love all your writings, Rose! Beautifully written

  6. Your style of writing is captivating and very picturesque. I love it!

    Reading the Pennsylvania poem makes me want to go on a nature quest!
    Have you heard of The Black Hills of South Dakota? There are a few national parks in that region. I'd love to discover the tranquility of mountains and Earth in a state I haven't been to yet.

  7. California is stunning and a perfect place to explore. You can be at the beach one moment and the moutains in another within driving distance. I am sure South Dakota is beautiful and mostly untouched. We have a lot of national parks here I am yet to see. I do need to visit Colorado and see the Rocky Mountains. Thanks for your kind words AllyB.

  8. Gawd, don't you just wish you were Rose? I sure do. So I purchased a shoulder length, raven wig, and wear it when the moon is full. The follicles are so silken and pure, they could only come from Ohio...or TJ Maxx. Then I skip around town, free as a bird and happy as a leprechaun. Excuse me, I have to find a pot of gold...

  9. My hair is almost waist length,lol.Funny comment, thanks a bunch.

  10. Not sure if you'll see this comment since this is an old blog post; but thought I'd give it a while. Read your comment about the festivals and the food and the hood of your youth in Cleveland on my SIL's blog (that recently come back from the dead of inactivity); and thought I'd pop over and say hi. Your comment made me smile. If you're going to be blogging again, do swing by for a visit. I have 4 blogs, hopefully one will be of interest to you.

    Fellow Ohioan here

    1. I will definitely check out your blogs, and I do blog from time to time. I also post poetry on my facebook page if you send me a friend request. Some poems are in my notes. Thank you for reading, I will follow your blogs too.