Friday, July 27, 2012


It seems not a day goes by when I do not see a posting from someone

saying that they are a princess and deserve to be treated as such.

Women, mostly American women are fascinated with princesses. They grew

up with them in Disney films and fairy tales. They preach to their

boyfriends of their "princess status," exclaiming how they wish to be

treated. Their children grow up with princess expectations.

In my opinion if one wishes to live the life of a princess one should

look beyond the glamour and gold and see how true life royalty live

their daily lives. I am not denying they are a privileged jet set

portion of society. In fact, they are probably the most privileged

people in the world, but there is more to their existence then tiaras.

Royalty in England is service to the people. Look at all the good

deeds Princess Diana did in her lifetime. She visited Aids hospice

patients and fought to assist the victims of landmines. Queen

Elizabeth spends her days serving her people, and she is now the ripe

old age of  86 and has no interest in slowing down due to her

advancing years.

Even the new generations of royalty are involved with charities and

giving back. Prince William is a rescue pilot and has saved many

lives. Yes, they have the designer clothes and the pomp and

circumstance statuses. They could sit around drinking tea and

eating crumpets all day and ignore the less fortunate.They choose to use

their titles and platforms for the good of mankind.

Pick and choose your role models carefully and if you decide you

wish to like to live like a princess, practice compassion and

graciousness.  Remember the one quality in common all Disney

Princesses possessed, they were kind to all creatures of the universe.

They practiced giving and they were never narcissistic. In fact, I think

it was always the evil witches or wicked stepsisters that displayed 
selfish and demanding tendencies.

If you want to emulate a princess, go ahead and volunteer with the

less fortunate.Treat others as you wish to be treated. Give back to

society by helping the community around you. Visit a nursing home or a

children's hospital. Volunteer walking the dogs at a shelter. Find

where your passions lie and in return you may find people treating you

with the highest esteem. Not only will you earn good karma, you will

have officially earned the crown jewels of compassion.

(c) Rose Bruno Bailey


  1. I love the perspective you are putting out there. As people we really need to learn to give. To often people are focused on the take.