Friday, September 16, 2011


In the spirit of my last post, I am continuing on with my fall fever theme. It was a cool day today, well cool for California standards. Someone was burning wood last night, and I feel completely swept up in the chilly air. There is this little tree next door to us that is actually changing hues. It almost reminds me of a fall version of a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

Cascading leaves
Amongst the trees
Creates a scene
An impressionist's view,
Skies aqua blue;
Vibrant hues,
Autumn's delight,
Breathtaking sight;
Basking in amber light,
Foliage ignites.
Fall tree's sway
Crimson bouquet;
October's display,
Leads my soul astray.
(c) Rose Bruno Bailey

When I cook nothing gets me in the spirit then a little swing music or jazz. It is like a little dose of time travel in my very own living room. My husband has quipped it feels like the 1940's when I am cooking. To me Autumn and big band music go together like tofu and stirfry. Try it sometime when you are cooking. Light some candles and really get into the swing of things. I call it my happy music.

Today I went to the grocery store to pick up a few items, and I noticed yellow split peas were on sale for only 59 cents. I have never made yellow split pea soup but I decided I would give it a whirl, I cannot pass up a bargain. I have decided to add some curry to spice things up a bit, and top it off with some greek yogurt or light sour cream. I am new to the spice curry and I find the satisfying creaminess of the yogurt or sour cream adds richness to the savory soup.

You will need

One bag of dried yellow split peas

A few tablespoons of garlic infused extra virgin olive oil

Chopped up onions, celery, and carrots. Enough to fill up the bottom of a semi large pot. I use Mirepoix 14.5 oz from trader joes, it is already precut

If you do not find Mirepoix use one large onion, two carrots, and two celery stalks, chopped.

One  cartons of vegetable stock 32 fl oz. I use trader joes.  You can use regular or low sodium, I have tried both.

One carton of water.

Sea salt, ground pepper, a few tablespoons of curry spice.

Greek yogurt or light sour cream to garnish.

Saute, onion, celery, and carrots in  garlic infused extra virgin olive oil for a few minutes til the onion carmelizes and the vegetables cook down.

Salt and pepper as you are cooking the vegetables.

Add full bag of yellow split peas, one carton of vegetable stock, one carton of water.

Add a bit more sea salt,  ground pepper, and curry spices for flavor and stir.

Bring to a rolling boil, then simmer on low for 45 minutes covered. Some people prefer to puree' their split pea soup, but I like to leave it au' natural for more of a bean soup experience; the choice is up to you. That is what makes cooking so  much fun, creative license to change the rules as you go along and make it your own. Individuality found in one delectable dish.

Top it off with a dollop of greek yogurt or light sour cream for added richness of flavor.

This is amazing with warmed toast crisps. It is simple, just take some delicious bread from the bakery and slice and place on a cooking sheet that has been sprayed with no-stick spray. Slice bread thin, and drizzle extra virgin olive oil over the slices of bread.

Be sure to dip the toast crisps in the soup as you eat it, it just makes it taste better.

Curry up and make a pot of my Yellow Split Spicy Pea Soup, you will not be sorry!!  


  1. Yummm! Sounds delicious! :)I never knew there were yellow peas. This sounds like something I would love though!

  2. I never knew that yellow peas existed either, a first for me. The color is perfect for autumn.